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Sports Premium Funding

PE Funding Report 2016/2017

Completed by: Hannah Ham (PE Co-ordinator)

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PE Funding Report 2015/2016

Completed by: Hannah Ham (PE Co-ordinator)

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PE Funding Report 2014/2015

Completed by: Hannah Ham (PE Co-ordinator)

PE and School Sport Funding

The government is committed to securing a significant lasting legacy from the successful 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. To help achieve this legacy and improve the provision of PE and sport in schools additional funding has been made available.

Every school has the freedom to decide how their funding is spent to improve sport, PE and pupil participation and training within their school. 

Breakdown of spending – Academic year 2014/2015

Financial year budget received- £9159.

We were able to use the Sports premium funding to improve and develop PE and sport through the following ways:

  • To buy the most up to date equipment for PE and sport.
  • To hire experienced, specialist PE coaches to teach alongside class teachers for a whole term.
  • To improve staff training through a whole school inset day covering assessment in PE and practical training. To provide twilight training to improve training and understanding of using indoor gymnastics equipment.
  • To provide top up swimming lessons for children to ensure they meet the national curriculum expectation.
  • To encourage children to try new sports through providing whole school experience days.
  • To provide continual staff training and improvement through individual CPD opportunities.
  • To attend sports competitions and increase pupils’ participation in school games.
  • To increase links with sports organisations in the local community through providing opportunities for the children to visit clubs

PE equipment


Staff training/ CPD


Specialist Sports Coaches


Top- up swimming lessons




Sport experience days


Attending sports competitions


Visits to local sporting centres





The decision of how to spend this funding is based on the following aims:

  • To provide children across the school with the opportunity to experience enhanced PE and sport sessions both inside and outside of school.
  • To increase children’s awareness of different sports and create a sense of achievement and pride when partaking in different sporting activities.
  • To upskill staff and create a lasting legacy of high quality teaching within PE.



PE and Sports Funding for the academic year 2015/2016

Financial year budget estimation- £9465, actual received to date- £3944.

Funding received for the academic year of 2015/2016 as of …… is …… This funding will be used in the following ways to build upon the achievements and improvements of 2014/2015 and continue to enhance and create high quality learning opportunities in PE and Sport for all pupils.

  • Continue to enhance PE classes through the use of specialist coaches who work alongside class teachers.
  • To increase children’s awareness of different sports through specialist sporting workshops and taster days.
  • To provide specialist coaches to work alongside teachers to provide extra-curricular clubs.
  • To continue to purchase up to date and new sports equipment.
  • To fund staff training and CPD opportunities to ensure high quality teaching in all PE lessons.
  • To continue to fund and build upon attendance to sporting competitions outside of school.