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Sandown Primary School
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Year 6 SATs Week 2016

The Year 6 SATS are fast approaching and the children are working incredibly hard in preparation. Please see below the timetable for the Year 6 SATs which take place during the week of the 9th-12th May 2016. It is essential that all children are in school on time during test week in order to complete their National Curriculum end of Key Stage 2 assessments.


If your child is unwell on the day of SATS please still bring them into school so they are able to take their test and then arrangements can be made for them to go home straight after the test is completed. If there are exceptional circumstances, please notify the school immediately so provision can be made for your child’s end of Key Stage 2 assessment.



9.5.2016 Key Stage 2 English Reading Test

10.5.2016 Key Stage 2 SPaG Test

11.5.2016 Key Stage 2 Maths Paper 1: Arithmetic and Maths Paper 2: Reasoning

12.5.2016 Key Stage 2 Maths Paper 3: Reasoning