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Sandown Primary School
Thomas Becket

Year 1 - 2016.2017

Welcome to the Year 1 page.  

Our teaching team consists of Class Teachers Mrs Barnard and Mrs Harris.  They are supported by our Teaching Assistants Miss Davies, Miss Howard and Mrs Shiel.

This year we are looking to cover:

  • Term 1 - Readable Rhymes
    • Children will be exploring the work of various poets and performing poetry.
  • Term 2 - A Jolly Postman's Journey to Christmas
    • Children will look at the story of the Jolly Postman and they will also go and see a performance of The Bear Hunt at The Gulbenkian, Canterbury.
  • Term 3 - Fire and Ice
    • During this term we shall lean about the Great Fire of London and the Polar regions.
  • Term 4 - Walk the Plank
    • We will be learning all things Pirate!   Arrrrrrr!  We shall also take a trip to Dover Museum for a Pirate Day.
  • Term 5 - Dangerous Dinosaurs
    • Our children will be travelling back in time to learn all about the dinosaurs and will visit The Wingham Wildlife Park.  
  • Term 6 - One Night, Far From Here
    • In Term 6 we shall be learning about animals from all over the globe and their environments.


Term 4 in Year 1 has been extremely busy. We started the term with a Pupil Voice week focusing on The Jungle Book. The pupils were able to work with other year groups to collaborate on artwork and singing.

This term we have learnt all about Pirates, in our topic: A Pirate’s life for me! The children really enjoyed the gruesome and funny tales of pirates. We found out interesting facts about Captain Blackbeard.  He was one of the most famous pirates and we discovered he wasn’t a very nice man. He set his beard alight and killed many crew members! We wouldn’t want to meet him!!

Year 1 went on a brilliant trip to Dover Museum, where they learnt how to make a pirate out of clay, had a drama workshop to act like a real pirate and studied the bronze age boat.  It was an amazing day and everyone had lots of fun and learnt so many things.

In Term 5 we are going to learn about Dinosaurs! Extinct but not forgotten! We are looking forward to our trip to Wingham Wildlife Park to see the dinosaurs in action.


We have both of our PE slots on a Friday, so please ensure that your child has the appropriate PE kit (including trainers) in each and every Friday.  We have multiple visits to Green Zone throughout the year. Dates will be published via the Newsletter, the texting system and notes etc.