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Year 2   2017/ 2018

Welcome to Year 2

We are looking forward to a fun and busy year. PE and Games will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays. There are often other sports activities set up throughout the year, so please ensure your child has their PE kit, including tracksuit and trainers in school at all times. These will be sent home termly for a wash.

This year we are continuing with our Inspire Maths. This involves lots of practical learning which we will endeavour to show you through Tapestry. This will consolidate all the learning from year one and give the children a deeper understanding of maths throughout year 2.

Term 1- Space Invaders

In term 1 we are learning all about space. Our book this term is Beegu, a small alien finds herself lost on Earth. The children will be immersed in writing, reading and role play activities linked to the story. We will also be looking at non-fiction texts and using these to create fact files about planets and famous astronauts.   In science we will be focusing on animals including humans and the solar system. For art we will be developing our design and creating skills through making Papier Mache planets and junk modelling rockets. Our focus in ICT this term is e-safety.

The last two weeks of Term 1 will be a whole school project on London which we are looking forward to.

Term 2- Princesses and Dragons

In term 2 our main focus will be on castles, the real link to British history.   Our class book for this term will be The Princess and the White Bear King. We are really looking forward to writing imaginative stories as well as writing about our real life visits to local castles.   Our ICT focus this term will be coding. We will be developing our woodwork skills in art, making trebuchets. Our science this term will look at the use of everyday materials which will come in handy when creating our art projects.  

Term 3- Wacky Walliams

We have welcomed Miss Edwards and Mr Quinn into Year 2 this term. They are training to be teachers and are really enjoying being with us. They have been teaching us in new and fun ways. Our work with Ratburger is going really well. We are enjoying listening to the story and are trying to write our own. As a year group we are going to enter the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition. We are just ready to start writing, we are all very excited.For humanities we will be looking at how to read and create maps. Science will see us returning to animals including humans, allowing the children to consolidate this knowledge.


Term 4 - Savannah Safari

The first two weeks of this term will be a whole school project on Festivals. We can’t wait to celebrate.As part of the school whole school topic of ‘Festivals’, our festival focus will be Chinese New Year; we are looking forward to learning all about how the Chinese celebrate New Year, as well as looking at Holi and a trip to a local church.

After our second two weekly whole school topic of Festivals, we will be looking at our topic is ‘Savannah Safari’, we are focusing on different animals and their habitats, plants and weather patterns. We are going to be reading ‘One day on our blue planet…In the savannah’ as part of our literacy topic. Our focus will be looking at Kenya and how this differs from the UK, looking at parts of the countries and its inhabitants.


Term 5 - Super Secretive

This term’s topic is super secretive, as Year 2 pupils are going to turn into SIA (Sandown Investigation Agents). We don’t want to say too much, but we will be looking at gadgets and important buildings! More to be revealed later!!


Term 6 - Amazing Inventions

Our final topic this year will be Amazing Inventions. Where we will be looking at the history of important inventions and possibly even creating our own ones!

This term ends with our final two weekly whole school topic of ‘The World’.


WOW what a busy time still to come!


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