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Sandown Primary School
Thomas Becket

Year 5 - 2016 / 2017


We have had a busy Term 3 in Year 5 and we are learning all about volcanoes.  We have explored the different types of volcanoes and how eruptions happen.  Also we have looked at Pompeii and wrote our own newspaper articles about the eruption there in 79AD.  We used PurpleMash to type up and present our newspaper pieces.


In science, we have been exploring materials and their properties; this has included learning about evaporation, burning, solubility and irreversible changes.  We have enjoyed testing out these processes and setting up investigations in class.


In Term 5 we are studying Awesome Egyptians.  We have had great fun learning all about mummification and the different Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.  We are creating our own canopic jars and Egyptian inspired artwork.  Year 5 have also written some amazing Egyptian inspired stories which we share with each other.


In PE, 5H have enjoyed swimming last term and 5D have been learning an Egyptian type of dance!


We had a great two-day residential to Rippledown earlier in the year.  Here are just some of the photographs!

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