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Welcome to Sandown School - this week's news ...

It was very disappointing to have to cancel the Sports Days this week due to the weather but I am sure the weather will be fabulous on Monday 22 July when we have managed to reschedule it (everyone keep your fingers crossed).  Another busy week at Sandown as we rapidly move forward to the end of the school year. Our Year 1 children have been doing their Phonic Screening this week and Year 4 children have had a go of the pilot Multiplication Tables Check which becomes statutory next year. Both groups of children have approached these challenges with big smiles on their faces and we are confident they have all done the very best they can do.

Last Friday we had two Local Authority Moderators in scrutinising our Year 6 Writing. They selected a sample group of pupils' work and made judgements about the level the work was at. All their judgements agreed with the Year 6 teachers which is a great outcome.   Mrs G and I had a very useful meeting with our school meal providers this week; we have a new School Cook, Gemma, who has settled really well into the Sandown Team. We have asked Whole School Meals to think about how we can encourage children to try the meals and they will be working with our Pupil Voice Leaders to discuss ideas to promote the lunches.  Looking ahead to next week, we hope the weather improves for our Year 6 Activity Week. The year group will be out and about everyday next week, tobogganing, bowling, going to Flip Out, Betteshanger, Wingham Wildlife Park, Folkestone Sports Centre and Dover Water Sports. We are sure they will have an amazing time.


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