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At Sandown School we aim to provide a music curriculum which inspires, excites and engages our children. We aim to do this by offering our pupils opportunities to; listen to and appraise different styles of music, to learn how to play instruments, to use their voices to sing, expose them to live music experiences and to take part in performances. We hope that these opportunities will spark interest and passion within our pupils to have a love of music throughout their lives. We hope the foundations that are made here, at primary school, inspire them to engage with music throughout their schooling journey and beyond.


Our music curriculum is guided by ‘Charanga Musical School’ which we have found to be a great resource for the delivery of meaningful music teaching within our school. KS1 sessions are between 30 mins and 45 mins and KS2 sessions between 45 mins and 1 hour. Each session includes the following musicianship skills: Listen and appraise, practising skills, singing, playing, improvisation and performance.

We also aim to give each child, by the time they leave Sandown School, the opportunity to learn an instrument. We work closely with Deal Music and Arts who deliver a project called Bold As Brass. This project gives children the opportunity to learn the trumpet, read notation, watch professional musicians play, perform and take part in workshops with musicians.


By the time children leave Sandown School, we want all children to:

- have been exposed to musical notation

- have listened to and appraised recorded and live performances

- had the opportunity to learn a musical instrument

- been given the opportunity to perform as part of an ensemble in concerts/assemblies/production

- to understand that music can stir up emotions and opinions differently for different people.

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