Sandown School

Grappling with Grammar!

We use the 'Letters & Sounds' phonics scheme.  Here are some hints and tips to keep you up-to-date with your child's learning ...... good luck!



We hold an annual session for parents in October regarding the teaching of phonics so that parents can help their child in a consistent fashion with our school approach. There are numerous video tutorials available online which go through the sounds and blending and segmenting. We recommend ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ or ‘Mr Thorne does phonics’ for clarity.

We teach the six phases of phonics:

Phase 1 Environmental sounds, rhythm and rhyme.

Phase 2 19 graphemes- oral blending and segmenting. Blending and segmenting with letters.

Phase 3 25 graphemes apply the skills of blending to reading and segmentation for spelling.

Phase 4 Consolidation of 2 and 3 teach blending and segmenting of adjacent consonants and polysyllabic words. (more than one syllable everyone, football, helpdesk)

Phase 5 Teach alternative pronunciations for known graphemes, new graphemes and their alternative pronunciations. Selecting appropriate grapheme, word specific knowledge of spellings, spelling rules.

Phase 6 Homophones (key/quay, flower/flour), prefixes, suffixes, irregular past, (began, thought, drank) spelling rules.

Each phase has a list of tricky words (not decodable)

From Years 2-6, children follow the Read, Write, Inc. Spelling programme to enable them to apply spelling into their independent writing.