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Sandown School

 Both the Breakfast and After School Clubs are in place to offer our parents a childcare service and are run on a not-for-profit basis.  PAYMENT IS MADE AT TIME OF BOOKING 

After School Club

Purpose of the After School Club: 
To provide an extended service offering safe, high quality post-school club that meets the needs of both the parents and guardians, and children.  This means as a parent or guardian, you know that your child is safe and happy in a club that is reliable and offers a consistent service.  Our After School Club Lead is by Mrs Simonie Lunny and her experienced team. 

For your child this means an environment where they feel safe, supported and encouraged.  It is a place to be with friends and make new ones,  and be able to try out new activities, to relax, to have fun and enjoy themselves.

We believe all children have the right to play;  play is the basis to providing healthy development and the wellbeing of individuals.  We provide a balanced structure of activities and play experiences, tailored to the current weather environment.

General Arrangements: 
Operating times are Monday to Friday term time – a  3.15pm start and finish at 6.00pm prompt.  Early collection is possible at any time.  Children from Year R and Year 1 are escorted by a member of staff to the after school club.  On arrival all children are recorded in the attendance register. 
Booking your child to attend the club and cancellation:
• To attend, your child must be registered and routine sessions for a term reserved beforehand online.  If School Money is not allowing you to book the session required, it means that the session is fully booked and you will need to make alternative arrangements.
• Adhoc additional bookings can be made, subject to availability, and can be booked online if more than 24hrs notice, or booked via the School Office if less than 24hrs notice. 
• Bookings must be cancelled with a minimum of 24hrs notice of cancellation or you will be charged for the session.  This can be via the School Office or the online booking system.
• Should a child be unwell and unable to use their booking/s, payment will still be required; the space has already been booked for your child.  However, if you are able to cancel any sessions with more than 24hrs notice, you will receive a refund on these bookings as usual.
• School Office number 01304 374951.   
• After School Club Leader – 07510 005939.
• The price is £7.50 per session.
• Fees for all sessions must be paid in full at time of booking.  
• All fees must be paid via our online banking system, SchoolMoney; details are available from the School Office.
• Fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

Provision of food:
At the start of the afternoon, we provide the children with a choice of foods such as:
• Toast and a selection of toppings (jam, spreads, marmite etc)
• A selection of fruit
• Cheese
• Crackers
• Free flowing water and squash.
All allergies and intolerances will be catered for.  

Collection of Child(ren):
• All Children must be collected by 6pm prompt, so the school can be secured and staff can go home too!  If collection takes place later than 6pm, then you will be charged for an additional session @ £7.50.
• All children must be collected by a parent or guardian who is known to the Club staff.  Parents and guardians will be required to sign their children out when they collect them.
• If you have a family emergency and need to make alternative arrangements this must be by notifying the School Office and providing a security password that the alternative ‘collector’ must provide to the Club staff on arrival. Failure to do so will prevent your child from being released while we contact you for confirmation.

Medical/Sickness Arrangements:
• If your child has any medical conditions you must notify the School Office so we can be informed and trained if need be to support your child.
• In the event that your child becoming unwell or is injured while attending the Club, our staff will aim to contact you immediately and we expect you to arrange their collection as soon as practicable.
• In the event that decisions are required, in the interest of your child’s health and welfare,  the Club Leader or their deputy will act on your behalf.
• In the event that your child has sickness/diarrhoea, as usual school policy dictates, they must not attend for 48 hours post being clear of symptoms.

Welfare and Discipline:
Parental support is key to behavioural standards.  We expect that you will support and encourage the aims of the Club team and ensure that your children are encouraged to display the expected behaviours, punctuality, politeness, co-operation and engagement with staff and pupils.

Parents and guardians who have registered their children accept that the Club Leader and staff have the authority to take reasonable action to safeguard the welfare of all children and staff while at After School Club, and to follow the Sandown School behaviour guidelines.

Removal from the After School Club; in the event that your child’s behaviour does not meet the standards required for attendance, then we will consult with you to rectify this.  If this fails to be achievable,  we reserve the right to exclude your child from attending the After School Club.

Parents and guardians must ensure that the Headteacher is notified of any information to safeguard or promote their child’s welfare.  The Club's staff will be informed of sensitive issues concerning a child on a ‘need to know’ basis only.

REGISTRATION FORM: please click here,  complete and hand to Mrs Lunny on your child's first visit to the Club or if their details have changed.

Tips on how to book and either reserve or pay for events with SchoolMoney

Click here for our welcome to After School Club leaflet

Please contact Mrs Lovesey if further information required: loveseyh@sandown.kent.sch.uk.