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White rose maths

Here at Sandown we believe that learning comes with enjoyment. Pupils are encouraged to share their learning and thinking with others and show their thinking with concrete resources like cubes or Numicon.

In EYFS maths in linked in with other learning areas. It is mainly practical based learning using resources like Numicon and cubes to support the concepts being taught. EYFS follow the same concepts of teaching using White Rose Maths and Numberblocks together. The children do a lot of their maths learning outside in the outside area, field or Green Zone. The teaching and learning of maths in EYFS lays great foundations for your child to build on through their time at Sandown School. In 2021 we starting following the Mastering Numbers programme designed by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Maths (NCETM), this is a short programme used in EYFS and Key Stage One and focuses on basic number skills. These are linked to the Numberblocks tv series and the children use practical equipment to show their knowledge.

From Year 1 through to Year 6 we use White Rose Maths. This is based on the mastery approach to teaching and learning and helps pupils to talk about their maths and show their learning. This means that we follow small steps of learning which build like blocks throughout the year and then year on year. The children really enjoy this approach to maths. You may see that your child will just do practical lessons and these will be recorded on tapestry. This is to ensure that all pupils have a secure understanding of the concepts being taught. The White Rose teaching style encourages pupils to work through examples in a range of contexts, including showing understanding with drawings and writing sentences to explain their understanding.

To support our maths learning we use Timestable Rockstars from Year 2 through to Year 6. This is an online platform to support the learning of multiplication and division facts. We run competitions and give out certificates to encourage participation. The pupils enjoy doing this as part of their homework at home. They often challenge other pupils and staff!

We also use Numbots which is linked to Timestable Rockstars, but this helps with number facts, addition and subtraction. This starts in EYFS and continues through to Year 4. The pupils can work through the different levels to create their maths robots. It’s good fun and the pupils enjoy the levels as they get harder each time.

White Rose maths have a free app available to help children embed key number skills. Follow the link below to find out more. 

There are also free parent resources on the website you can download to support learning at home.  

Parent resources

Please see below for the calculation policies which explain and give examples of the methods taught and used in school. 

Multiplication and Division 

Addition and Subtraction 

For more information and year group progression of skills please visit our Mathematics curriculum page