Sandown School

From September 2016 Sandown Primary School introduced Inspire Maths into Years 1 and 2. Since this date the approach has been rolled out to the following Year groups each year. Year 3 in September 2017 and Year 4 in September 2018. Inspire Maths will be rolled out into Year 5 in September 2019 and Year 6 in September 2020.

Years 5 and 6 follow the White Rose Maths Hub documents. These also follow the same principles of Inspire Maths. Years 5 and 6 are also supported by Shanghai Maths books and Power Maths.

Key Stage 2 teachers employ the Singapore Approach to teaching maths as in Key Stage 1 with the implementation of a ping pong lesson design incorporating teacher modelling, group and independent work. Teachers use same day intervention to ensure that children catch up quickly and gaps in attainment do not widen and are quickly closed. More able children are set challenges through same day intervention to broaden their mathematical thinking and experience.

Although not all current year groups have not access this curriculum scheme in its entirety, the approaches and applications from this scheme will be transferred across all the year groups in the school to ensure all pupils benefit from this new approach. 

What is Inspire Maths?

Inspire Maths is a whole-school primary maths programme that supports you in teaching for mastery and meeting the higher expectations of the National Curriculum.

  • Inspire Maths is a detailed textbook scheme of work based upon the Singapore approach to teaching mathematics which ensures a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and understanding which underpins mastery.
  • Inspire Maths uses a spiral progression to develop fluency, reasoning, problem solving and conceptual understanding of mathematics through a concrete - pictorial – abstract approach.
  • The textbooks are designed to support teaching through providing children with repetition and consolidation through variation and ensuring a seamless progression between concrete, pictorial and abstract models for maths.

Teachers apply a ‘ping pong’ style of teaching in the lessons, ensuring that there is a balance between teacher modelling, group and independent work.

Children are encouraged to challenge themselves and explain their mathematical thinking through teacher questioning and problem solving activities.

Children follow the Inspire Maths scheme of work which begins with a transition programme followed by in depth coverage of all areas of maths.

Teachers enhance the Inspire Maths programme with their own knowledge and expertise to further challenge the more able and to support children with SEND. Same day intervention and feedback underpins the Singapore approach to ensure children progress and gaps in knowledge and understanding do not emerge or widen.

Information on the Inspire Maths Curriculum:

Inspire Maths Outline

 Progression in skills through Inspire Maths:

Progression through addition and subtraction

Progression through multiplication and division

Progression through Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Continuing the learning journey at home:

Year 1 home activities

Year 2 home activities

Year 3 home activities

Year 4 home activities

Year 5 home activities

Year 6 home activities

Supporting children with mathematics:

The materials and links below have many ways in which you can support your child at home with maths and build their confidence. Most children love playing games and it’s an easy way to support their learning. These resources are designed to support you with your children’s maths throughout their primary years.

Oxford Owl Maths, link here ( ), is where you can find advice and resources to support your child. You will also find lots of games to play at and These are also used within the classroom so your child may be familiar with these.

Guidance for parents :

Counting objects



Times Tables



Calculating fractions