Sandown School

Reception Class 2021.2022

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We warmly welcome you all to our Sandown family!  We are delighted that you are considering a place at Sandown for your child from September 2021 and we hope that this will be the start of a happy and positive relationship for all concerned.

We would have usually invited you all to come in and visit the Year R classrooms, meet the teaching teams, and we would have given the children a few visits over the last weeks of the Summer term in preparation for their start in September.  Behind the scenes in Term 6, our teaching teams would meet with the various nursery settings gaining a picture of our new recruits all in readiness for their new school life with us.  

So, for this year, things are/will be very different again but we hope to give you an idea of what you would have been part of over the coming weeks and to give you resources to help the children familiarise themselves with us, before September.  We are still hopeful that we may be able to arrange something that allows the children to come and meet us.  We will keep our fingers crossed and all of you posted!  

The Application for Primary Intake for September 2021 opens on Thursday, 5th November 2020 and closes on Friday, 15th January 2021.  This is for children born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017.  You apply online, at

Please contact the Office (01304 374951) to arrange a tour of the school and Reception areas.  This will give you a 'feel' of what we can offer and who we are!  We can offer several sessions on Monday, 2nd November (an Inset Day, so no children are in school), from 10.30am until 1.30pm.  Alternatively the sessions will be at 3.30pm each Monday and Tuesday afternoon, from November until the end of term.  Each group will only be to a maximum of six people at any one time.  

At an evening meeting, Ms Luxford (Headteacher), Mrs Goggin (Deputy Headteacher), Mr Cooke and Mrs Palmer (YrR Class Teachers) would have given you detailed information about the Reception Year and how we support individual pupil’s learning in school.  There would have been samples of the school uniform, Whole School Meals would have offered menu tasting, you could have met the School Nurses and our Breakfast and After School Club (Kids’ Zone) Leaders, together with our SENCO, Mrs Horrocks.  A busy evening and we are hopeful that we can still offer something similar for our next intake!

For the moment, we have put together some resources and information to help get the children ready for September.  Our teaching team for our Reception classes are Class RC ~ Mr Cooke (Class Teacher) and Miss Hibbert (Class Teaching Assistant); Class RP ~ Mrs Palmer (Class Teacher) and Mrs Kelly (Class Teaching Assistant).   Please click here for a presentation that we would have given at the info meeting. 


These photos show the areas of the school that the children will be most familiar with, day-to-day.  Please share these with your child so that they are comfortable with knowing exactly what to expect when they are able to come in. 

You will see from the website photographs how the school uniform looks, and you can find out more details on this, on our school uniform page.  Uniform is purchased via our online SchoolMoney payment system.  A link will be sent to you, giving you details on how you log onto SchoolMoney.  Once your order has been paid for, we will contact you to let you know when it is ready to collect.  Do note that due to the current Covid-19 conditions, we will  be unable to take returns or swap sizes on the uniform, so do ensure that you measure accurately!  


Whole School Meals are our school lunch provider.  For all children up until the end of Yr2, they are entitled to Universal Free School Meals.  From Yr3, the meals cost £2.30 per day / £11.50 per week, are available and you can choose on a daily basis if your child would like a school lunch or a home provided packed lunch.  More information is available from Whole School Meals' website: and our school lunch information page: 


For our extended care services, Mrs Lynn Hibbert is our Breakfast Club Leader, and Mrs Lyn Holmes our After School Club Leader.  Please see more information regarding these on our information pages:  and


Getting children ready for school is very different for each of the children and families that will be joining us.  Have a look at our Year pages, the Home Learning Journey give you some ideas on what and who we are!  We use a restorative justice policy for behaviour and this is reflected in every part of life at Sandown.  Please find enclosed a summary that will give you an outline of how we support the children.  Click here for the Behaviour Policy.


We have a Challenge!  Look What I can Do! will help the children get used to dressing and undressing themselves - think PE lessons, getting ready for a damp playtime or when the sun comes out, we don't need a jumper on etc.  Click here for a chart to download.  Have a look at Getting Ready for some ideas of what to try if you haven't already made a start. 

Have a look at this pictorial route to see how far your child has come!

Here's a great BBC game/video to help show the children the sort of activities they will have in school:


 The new Sandown Reception's Learning frame work for September 2021


Sandown's Term dates for 2020 - 2021 can be found here.