Sandown School

Pupil Voice

 At the end of last year, we had a Pupil Voice Leaders' party at Green Zone to celebrate a great year!


Why do we have Pupil Voice?

Pupil Voice provides the opportunity for every child in Sandown school to have a voice. It embodies our school value of Collaboration and ensures that every single pupil at Sandown plays a vital role in decision making and moving our school forwards.

Ideas for this year include discussions on Green Zone Club, the School Improvement Plan, Learning Styles, Numeracy and ICT safety.  

How does Pupil Voice work?

Pupil Voice sessions are run twice a term (12 times a year) by elected Pupil Voice Leaders. A Pupil Voice session lasts for approx. 30 minutes. Prior to each session an agenda is set by the Pupil Voice leaders which mirrors many items that appear on Staff Meeting agendas and Senior Leadership agendas. These may include school development priorities, reviews of existing school policies and systems and planning future ideas. The entire school is divided into sixteen Pupil Voice groups. There are four school houses and each house is divided into four Pupil Voice groups, e.g. Owls 1, Owls 2, Owls 3 and Owls 4.

How many Pupil Voice leaders are there?

There are forty elected Pupil Voice Leaders from Year 1 to Year 6. The Leaders are divided between the sixteen Pupil Voice groups and lead their group in discussion. All children have the opportunity to discuss their ideas of how to make Sandown an even better place to learn. The leaders then share the ideas with the adults within the school community and then collaborate with all school stakeholders to move the ideas forward and make them a reality.

Sample Pupil Voice agendas and minutes:


We visited the Houses of Parliament last summer to see for ourselves, how democracy really works!