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Year 1 2022-2023

A warm welcome to the year one page!

Our teaching team consists of Mr Anderson and Mrs Knight in 1A and Mrs Barnard, Miss Parnell and Mrs Harper in 1B.

Below you will find an overview of our planned learning each term along with links to termly home learning.

Year 1 will be having PE on a Monday and a Friday. Please can children come to school wearing their PE kits on these days.  

We also have termly visits to Green Zone. Have a look at the Green Keepers blogs to see whet we get up to.

Year R at Green Zone

Term 1 Home Learning Term 1 rapid recall factsYear 1 High Frequency words

Term 1 topic overview




Term 1 

Joys of Julia 


Maths: Place value within 10, Addition and subtraction within 10 

Literacy: `Simple sentence structure, descriptive writing, reading skills, speaking and listening skills, rhyming and simple poetry 

Topic - Geography: Why do people come to Deal?

Locating where children live and knowing their address, exploring around the school- human and physical features(during local walk). Can they guide the everywhere bear to their house? What makes them come to Deal? 

Science:  Seasonal changes (Autumn) ,Working scientifically 

Computing: Unit A: Being Safe online. 

RE: Does God want Christians to look after the world? 

Music:  Charanga: Introducing a beat, Glockenspiels 

Sports: Indoor PE: Infant Agility ,Outdoor PE: Tennis (coaches) 

Art: Art- painting primary colours (1 Lesson) 

DT: DT – fabric project 

PSHE: Jigsaw – Unit 1: Being Me in My World

Local walk around the school environment  

Term 2 

Once upon a time… 





Maths: Addition and subtraction within 10, Shape, Consolidation  

Literacy: Simple sentence structure, traditional tales from different viewpoints, reading skills, sequencing stories, comprehension and understanding, speaking and listening skills, story writing 

Topic –  Geography- What is in the UK? 

  • Countries that make the UK, key features, main towns/cities, seas 

Science:  Everyday materials 

Computing: Unit B: Computing skills 

RE:  What gifts might Christians have given Jesus if he had been born here? 

Music:  Charanga:  adding rhythm and pitch,  Glockenspiels 

 Sports: Outdoor PE: football, Indoor PE: Tri Golf 

Art: painting – colour mixing, thick and thin, contrast. 

PSHE: Jigsaw – Unit 2: Celebrating differences




Term 3 

Wonderful, Weird, Wilderness! 



Maths: Place value within 20, Addition and subtraction within 20 

Literacy: Non-fiction writing, poetry, descriptive writing, recounts, conjunctions introduce and but  

Topic – Geog: How are climates different around the world? Focus on rainforest 

Science: Seasonal changes (Winter), Animals (including humans) , Plants 

Computing:  Unit C: Painting 

RE:  Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship? 

Music:  Charanga: Introducing tempo and dynamics, Glockenspiels 

Sports: Indoor PE: Gymnastics, Outdoor PE: Multi Skills 

Art: collage – rainforest  

PSHE: Jigsaw- Unit 3: Dreams and Goals

Animal visit: Creepy Claws 

Sandwich Bird Visit 


Term 4 

Devious Deal 


Maths: Place value within 50, Length and height, Mass and volume. 

Literacy: Story writing, letter writing, diary entries, past tense writing, descriptive writing, conjunctions (including because), using commas in a list 

Topic: History - What effect did Smugglers have locally? Why did smuggling begin? Smuggling: Why Deal? What effect did Goodwin Sands have on smuggling? What effect did smuggling have on justice? 

Geography- Why do people come to Deal?  What features does Deal have?(Recap during local learning walk)  

Science:  Seasonal changes (Spring), Working scientifically (consolidation) 

Computing: Unit D: Computer Science – Programming Toys 

RE: Why was Jesus welcomed like a king or celebrity on Palm Sunday? 

Music: Charanga: Combining pulse, rhythm and pitch, Glockenspiels 

Sports: Indoor PE: Infant Agility, Outdoor PE: Tag Rugby 

Art: 3D skills (clay pirate faces) (making skill) 

DT:  wood project 

PSHE: Jigsaw - Unit 4: Healthy Me

The History Project walk 

Term 5 

London’s burning! 


Maths: Multiplication and division, Fractions, Position and direction 

Literacy:  Non-fiction writing (fact files, diary entries, instructional writing), descriptive writing, writing in the past tense (including using the suffix –ed) 

Topic - History:  Did the Great Fire of London only have a negative impact? What was London like in 1666?   What were the key events of the Great Fire of London? (chronology) How do we know so much about the Great Fire of London? (Famous People/sources)  Why did the fire spread so quickly? (buildings/materials) What damage did the fire cause? What changed after the fire? (comparison) 

Science: Plants 

Computing: Unit E: Information Technology – Word Processing Skills 

RE: Is Shabbat important to Jewish children? 

Music:  Charanga: having fun with improvisation, Glockenspiels 

Sports: Indoor PE: Dance, Outdoor PE: Rounders 

Art: Drawing skill 

DT:  food project 

PSHE: Unit 5: Relationships 


Term 6 

Dangerous Dinosaurs 


Maths: Place value within 100, Money, Time, Consolidation  

Literacy: Non-fiction writing, spelling skills (prefix un-, suffixes –ing, -ed, -er and –est), commas in a list, conjunctions, story writing 

Topic – History - How have toys changed over time? What types of toys are there? What toys did my parents and grandparents play with? How do we know about toys from the past? Can we put toys in chronological order? Why have toys changed? 

History – Why do we remember Mary Anning?  

(Covered through the life in bone workshops) 

Science: Seasonal changes (Summer), Animals (including humans) (consolidation), Plants (consolidation) 

Computing: Unit F: Computer Science – Espresso Coding Level 1 

RE: Are Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur important to Jewish children? 

Music:  Charanga: Explore sound and create a story, Glockenspiels 

Sports: Indoor PE: Indoor review, Outdoor PE: Outdoor review/Sports day practice 

Art: Artists - articulation 

PSHE: Unit 6: Changing me (including SRE) 

Dinosaur workshop 

Life in Bone? 

Year 1 high frequency spelling words

Year 1 rapid recall facts