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Sandown School


Year 2 2023/ 2024

Welcome to Year 2

 We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year in year 2. The teaching team consists of Mrs Porter, Miss Marsh, Mrs Hutchings and Mrs Massey.

Year 2 will be having PE on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please can children wear their PE kit to school on a Wednesday and Thursday.

We also visit Green Zone every term. Remember to check Tapestry to see what we get up to. We even have indoor Green Zone fun on very stormy days. 

Fun at Green Zone Year 2

Below you will find an overview of our planned learning each term. For more information on what your child will be learning in year 2 please see the curriculum pages on the website and termly newsletters. 

Term 1 newsletter and home learning 

Term 2 newsletter and home learning 

Term 3 newsletter and home learning

Term 4 newsletter and home learning

Year 2 Common exception words



Term 1

 A Time Traveller's Guide


Paper airplane race


·Maths: Numbers to 100 - place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

·English: Beegu by Alexis Deacon, Diary, postcard, non-fiction guide, instructions (basic punctuation and spelling)- handwriting, narrative

SPaG: full stops, capital letters, word classes, simple sentence structure

History: Key question: How has technology improved exploration?Lives of significant individuals/ events beyond living memory. Flight/Astronauts/Space Travel- then and now -discoveries/Advancement/moon landings- Columbus- famous explorers etc.

·Science: Plants-growing and observing

·Computing: E-Safety - being safe online 

·RE: What did Jesus teach? (Christianity) Is it possible to be kind to everyone all the time (Christianity) 

·Music: Exploring simple patterns.

·PE: Infant agility Games: Kwik Cricket

·Art: Explore and draw

·PSHE: Being Me in my world

Kite flying/ paper airplane making

Term 2

Savannah Safari 

Hook: Trip to the zoo


·Maths:  Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Time, Money

·English: One Day on Our Blue Planet... In the Savannah by Ella Bailey

Non-chronological report, recount, poetry

Descriptive writing, poetry, non-fiction fact files, story-animal (spelling and text types and features)

SPaG: expanded noun phrases, tense, commas in a list, exclamations

Geography: Key question: How does London compare to Nairobi?, Place knowledge, human and physical geography (comparing Africa and UK, cities and towns, seaside, desert etc, continents, oceans)

·Science: Living things and their habitats (habitats, suitability, adaptations, food chains, living dead never living) Animals including humans- offspring

·Computing: Information Technology- computer art

·RE: (Incarnation) Why do Christians believe God gave Jesus to the world?

·Music: Dynamics and Tempo

·PE: Gymnastics Games: Football

·Art: Expressive painting

·PSHE: Celebrating Difference

Trip to Port Lympne

Term 3

 Wacky Walliams

Hook: Food Tasting 


·Maths: Measurement- length and height, mass, capacity and temperature, shape, position and direction.

·English: Ratburger by David Walliams. Predictions-who killed the hamster, persuasive poster- ice creams, alliterative poetry, fictional recount- burger van on playground (more punctuation and sentence types), Persuasive leaflet.

SPaG: subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, person, suffixes, apostrophes

Geography: What are the human and physical features of Deal? Place knowledge- Deal - local geography.

·History: Brief look at Black Death

·Science: Animals including humans (healthy diet and exercise)- Personal training journal- working scientifically

·Computing: Information technology – using the internet- Childtastic books-edublogs, David Walliams website

·RE: Passover – How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do?

·Music: Exploring feelings through music

·PE: Tri golf Games: Tag Rugby

·Art: Drawing/ illustrations

·DT: Food Tech- veggie soup (design, make, taste, evaluate),

PSHE: Dreams and Goals


Term 4

Princesses and Dragons

Hook: Visit to a Castle


Maths: Statistics, problem solving, word problems, SATs style

English: Princess and the White Bear King by Tanya Robyn Batt

Diary, letter, for and against – persuasive writing, book comparison skills, predictions, fractured fairy tales.

SPaG: Progressive verb form, conjunctions, adverbs, expanded noun phrases

History: Should we listen to everything monarchs say?

Significant historical events, people and places locally. History of Kings and Queens and their role.  Castles and their importance

Science: Uses of everyday materials( What material would make the best...?)

Computing: Information technology- presentation skills

RE: Easter – How important is it to Christians that Jesus came back to life after his crucifixion?

Music: Inventing a musical story

PE: Dance Games: Tennis

DT: Textiles - Puppets - Fairy tale characters( design, cut, sew, evaluate)

PSHE: Healthy Me

Visit to local castles

Term 5

Poisonous Potions

Hook: Explosive science day


Maths: Consolidation of skills

English: George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

instructions, story, poetry, recounts, diary, letter (all skills to be in writing and editing

SPaG: Consolidation

History: Key question: How have significant individuals made a difference to medicine?, Changes within and beyond living memory/ lives of significant others (Florence Nightingale etc-history of medicine)

·Science: Working scientifically (practical science - observation, questionning, classifying, answering questions, recording data)

Computing: Computer science- espresso coding 2.1

RE: Islam: Does going to a mosque give Muslims a sense of belonging?

Music: Music that makes you dance

PE: Yoga Games: Rounders

DT: Woodworking - moving transport - wheels, axels

PSHE: Relationships


Term 6

Secret Agent Training

Hook: Special delivery from MI6


Maths: Consolidation of skills

EnglishSecret Agent Training

Letters, newspaper reports, recounts, persuasive writing, story (bringing all skills together)

SPaG: Consolidation

Geography: Where is better to visit, London or Deal?, Locational knowledge, geographical skills (Ariel photos- landmarks, compass, man-made/ geographical. Comparison of London and Deal, UK maps capital cities)

Science: Inventors and Scientists

Computing: computer coding- espresso coding 2.2

RE: Islam: Does completing Haij make a person a better Muslim?

Music: Exploring improvisation.

PE: Review term Games: Review term

Art: Stick transformation project

·PSHE: Changing Me


Additional Information

We are looking forward to a fun and busy year. PE will take place on Wednesdays. Please can children come into school in their PE kit on a Wednesday.  

 Children will have access to Times Tables Rockstars, which will enable them to learn their times tables in a fun and interactive way.

We will be using Spelling shed and children will have word lists to complete, these will be available to be accessed at home using your child’s Accelerated User login details via the Spelling shed website.

Children are expected to read daily and to learn their spellings and times tables. We will be introducing spelling tests later in the year.