Sandown School


Year 2   2019/ 2020

Welcome to Year 2

 We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year in year 2. The teaching team consists of Mrs Porter, Mr Anderson, Mrs Knight and Mrs Reed.


Term 1

Space Invaders 

Possible enrichment

  • Maths:Yr1 Unit 17, Yr2 U1, U2
  • Literacy: Diary, postcard, non fiction guide, instructions
  • Topic - Geog/Hist: lives of significant individuals/ events beyond living memory. (Astronauts/ moon landings etc)
  • Science: Plants (Growing and observing)
  • ICT: Digital literacy
  • RE: Creation
  • Music: Hands, Feet, Heart
  • PE: developing balance
  • Art/DT: use a range of materials to design and make products. (planets) Robert McCall- space artist.
  • PSHE: New beginnings

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Term 2

Princesses & Dragons

Possible enrichment

  • Maths:U2, U3, U4, U5, U6
  • Literacy: Diary entry, letter, prediction, recount, persuasive text, story.
  • Topic – Geog/Hist:Significant historical events, people and places.(Kings, Queens and castles)
  • Science: Uses of everyday materials (testing uses)
  • ICT: Computer science
  • RE: Incarnation
  • Music: Ho Ho Ho
  • PE: throwing and catching
  • Art/DT: Design, make, evaluate and technical knowledge. (making a castle)
  • PSHE: Getting on

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Trip – Castle

Term 3

Wacky Walliams

Possible enrichment

  • Maths: U8, U9, U11
  • Literacy: predictions, persuasive writing, recounts, instructions, poetry.
  • Topic – Geog/Hist:Geographical skills and fieldwork- mapping school.   Using maps and keys. Touch on Black Death
  • Science: Animals, including humans (needs, exercise, health)
  • ICT: Information Technology
  • RE: Gospel
  • Music: I wanna play in a band
  • PE: footwork
  • Art/DT: cooking and nutrition
  • PSHE: Going for goals

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Food Tasting

Term 4

Savannah Safari

Possible enrichment

  • Maths: U17, U12, U13
  • Literacy: Descriptive writing, poetry, non-fiction fact file
  • Topic – Geog/Hist: Place Knowledge, human and physical geography. (Comparing Africa and UK)
  • Science: Living things and their habitats (suitability to habitats/ food chains)
  • ICT: E-Safety
  • RE: Salvation
  • Music: Zootime
  • PE: Gymnastics
  • Art/DT: art techniques(silhouette pictures), pencil skills
  • PSHE: Good to be me

Trip – The Zoo

Term 5

Secret Agent Training

Possible enrichment

  • Maths: U14, U15,
  • Literacy:letters, newspaper reports, recounts, persuasive writing, imaginative.
  • Topic – Geog/Hist: locational knowledge, geographical skills (aerial photographs- landmarks etc, compass directions)
  • Science: Working scientifically, plants
  • ICT: Computer science
  • RE: Islam
  • Music: Friendship song
  • PE: Dance like a secret agent.
  • Art/DT: pencil skills
  • PSHE: Changes


Term 6

Poisonous Potions

Possible enrichment

  • Literacy:instructions, story writing, poetry, recounts
  • Topic – Geog/Hist: Potions and medicine
  • Science: Working scientifically (tests, observations, enquiry, recording data)
  • ICT: information technology
  • RE: Comparison of the faiths taught so far.
  • Music: Reflect, Rewind and Replay
  • PE: developing attacking and defending skills
  • Art/DT: exploration of artists
  • PSHE: Relationships

Performance to parents

Additional Information

We are looking forward to a fun and busy year. PE and Games will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays. There are often other sports activities set up throughout the year, so please ensure your child has their PE kit, including tracksuit and trainers in school at all times. These will be sent home termly for a wash.

This year we are continuing with our Inspire Maths. This involves lots of practical learning which we will endeavour to show you through Tapestry. This will consolidate all the learning from year one and give the children a deeper understanding of maths throughout year 2. Children will have access to Times Tables Rockstars, which will enable them to learn their times tables in a fun and interactive way.

We will be using Spellingshed this year and children will have word lists to complete, these will be available to be accessed at home using your child’s Accelerated User login details via the Spellingshed website. We will also be sending home lots of accompanying spelling lists as spelling is a big focus for year 2 across the country.

Children are expected to read daily and to learn their spellings and times tables. We will be introducing spelling tests later in the year.


Term 1- Space Invaders

In term 1 we are learning all about space. Our book this term is Beegu, a small alien finds herself lost on Earth. The children will be immersed in writing, reading and role play activities linked to the story. We will also be looking at non-fiction texts and using these to create fact files about planets and famous astronauts.   In science we will be focusing on plants and the solar system. For art we will be developing our design and creating skills through making Papier Mache planets and junk modelling rockets. Our focus in ICT this term is all about staying safe online.

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Term 2- Princesses and Dragons

In term 2 our main focus will be on castles, the real link to British history.   Our class book for this term will be The Princess and the White Bear King. We will also be exploring traditional fairy tales and alternative versions, looking at character point of view. We are really looking forward to writing imaginative stories as well as writing non fiction texts about life in a castle. Our ICT focus this term will be coding. We will be developing our woodwork skills in art, making trebuchets. Our science this term will look at the use of everyday materials which will come in handy when creating our art projects. Our trip this term will be to Dover Castle, please look out for the letter.