Sandown School

Year 3 2018/2019

Welcome to Year 3!


We are enjoying taking a trip down memory lane by looking at all our favourite fairy tales - however there is a twist, as we are changing these to make alternative stories to the ones so famously known. Please continue all the fabulous reading at home that we are seeing, this may even include getting the children to read their own fairy tales - pointing out to you the beginning middle and end.


Things to remember:

- PE days are Wednesday and Thursday

- TERM 1 - 3E go swimming on a Thursday

- GZ will be 3E: 9th October / 3B: 10th October


 TERM 2 - Travelling through time!

We are very excited to be travelling through time this term. Starting the term with a whole school project. Which will be the first 2 weeks celebrating 100 years since the end of WW1.

We will then be jumping back 2.5 million years to the stone age! Experiencing creating our own stone age camps and having a stone age day towards the end of the term.

Of course we are building up to the Christmas holidays so be on the look out for Christmas activities.

PE days are still Wednesday and Thursday.

This term 3B will be swimming on a Thursday morning.


Year 3 were transported back to the Stone Age when they came to school only to find their classrooms transformed into dark caves!

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