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Sandown School

Year 3 2023/24 

Welcome to Year 3!

The teaching team in year 3 consist of Mrs Bailey, Miss Mansfield, Mrs Hutchings, Miss Cagan and Mr Stockdale.

Year 3 will be having PE on a Monday and a Friday. Please come to school  wearing your  PE kit on these days.

We also have termly visits to Green Zone. Remember to check Tapestry to see what we get up to.

Fun at Green Zone Year 3

Below you will find an overview of our planned learning each term. For more information on what your child will be learning in year 3 please see the curriculum pages and termly newsletters. 

Term 1 newsletter and home learning

Term 2 newsletter and home learning

Term 3 newsletter and home learning

Term 4 newsletter and home learning

Term 5 newsletter and home learning





Term 1

Extreme Earth


Hook: Art Gallery visit


  • Maths: Place value, addition and subtraction
  • English: Narrative - Setting description (Flood book) Non Chronological – Letter to Art Gallery
  • SPAG: Variation in sentence structures/ adjectives / fronted adverbials/ Commas after fronted adverbials / Nouns and pronouns / A wider range of conjuntions  formal and informal language/ Commas in a list.
  • Geography Natural disasters - Why do some natural disasters cause more damage than others?
  • Science: Rocks
  • Computing: Being Safe Online
  • RE: Hinduism Would celebrating Divali at home and in the community bring a feeling of belonging to a Hindu child?
  • Music: Writing music down
  • PE: Kwick cricket Indoor: multiskills
  • French: I am learning French
  • Art: Gestural Drawing with Charcoal Making loose, gestural drawings with charcoal, and exploring drama and performance
  • PSHE: Being me in my world

Art gallery visit  


Term 2

In the beginning


Hook: Green Zone /Cave experience





  • Maths: Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
  • English: Poetry: Similes Narrative: Sci Fi Back in time.
  • SPAG: Expanded noun phrases/ adverbs of time/ Apostrophes to mark plural and single. Variation in sentence structures.
  • History: Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron AgeWhat did prehistoric people ever do for us?
  • Science: Forces and Magnets
  • Computing: information technology: internet research and communication
  • RE: Christianity Has Christmas lost its true meaning?
  • Music: Playing in a band
  • PE: Tennis Indoor: Dance
  • French: Salutations
  • DT: Textiles
  • PSHE: Jigsaw Celebrating difference

Rock collecting at the beach

Term 3

No Mountain High enough


Hook: Water Cycle model making 



  • Maths: multiplication and division, length and perimeter,
  • English: Explanation- (Science) Light Recount – Newspaper Mabel on the Mountain.
  • SPAG:
  • Geog: Mountains/water cycle: How does the water cycle work?
  • Science: light
  • Computing: Information technology: word processing
  • RE: Christianity  Could Jesus heal people?
  • Music: Composing using your imagination
  • PE: Football Indoor Gymnastics
  • French: numbers and colours
  • Art: Cloth, Thread, Paint  Explore how artists combine media to create work in response to landscape. Use acrylic and thread to make a painted and stitched piece.
  • PSHE: Dreams and goals

Mountaineering expert Virtual visit 

Term 4

Food for thought


Hook: Anglo Saxon day



  • Maths: fraction A, mass and capacity
  • English: Instructions- recipe Poetry – Modern verse
  • SPAG: expanded noun phrases/ adverbs of manner / Correct use of present ect.
  • Hist: Britain’s settlements Anglo Saxons 449BC-1066AD How and why did the Anglo Saxons settle in Britain?
  • Science: Animals including humans
  • Computing: Presentation skills
  • RE: Christianity What is ‘good’ about Good Friday?
  • Music: More musical styles
  • PE: Athletics Indoor: Handball  
  • DT: Cooking
  • French: Ancient Britain
  • PSHE: Healthy me

Anglo Saxon day

Term 5

Wild and Free


Hook: Betteshanger Country Park



  • Maths: Fraction B, money and time
  • English: Persausion – Travel Brochure  Narrative – Story Myths Legends/ Traditional stories
  • SPAG: Paragraphs Subheadings/ Prepositional phrases / quotations / Brackets
  • Geography: GB isles What are the key iconic features of the UK?
  • Science: Plants
  • Computing: computer science: coding
  • RE: Sikhism Do Sikhs think it is important to share?
  • Music: Enjoying improvisation
  • PE: OAA(CPD) Indoor: Basketball
  • French: seasons
  • DT: Making
  • PSHE: relationships




Term 6

Curious Minds


Hook: Visiting scientist



  • Maths: time, shape and statistic
  • English: Non Chronological- Leaflet Scientist Poetry Performance / Acrostic
  • SPAG: Correct use of simple present / Sentences that contain more than one clause using coordination and subordination.
  • History: The Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor 743AD-1066 Raiders or settlers: How should the Vikings be remembered?
  • Science: Working scientifically Scientists and inventers
  • Computing: computer science: coding
  • RE: Sikhism What is the best way for a Sikh to show commitment to God? How do Sikh people worship and celebrate?
  • Music: Opening night
  • PE: Review term
  • French: Animals
  • Art: Making Animated Drawings  Explore how to create simple moving drawings by making paper “puppets” and animate them using tablets. 
  • PSHE: changing me

Performance: Out and about