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Sandown Primary School
Thomas Becket


Year 4 2017.2018


In Term 1, Year 4 have been completing work based around the story of Fly, Eagle, Fly. They have written their own stories and created their own beautiful silhouette art works. They have worked on dances inspired by a passage from Fly, Eagle, Fly. The children have researched eagles and mountains and displayed their work in very informative fact sheets. This work is going to lead into work on food chains, teeth and eating - this work will start in Term 1 and continue into Term 2.

We have had a busy term 3. Our topic has been Greek Myths and Facts. We have learnt about the Greek’s love of drama and the many famous myths that have been handed down through the ages such as; Atlas and his punishment to hold The Heavens, King Midas and the Golden Touch, Pandora’s Box and many others. Children have created their own Diaries based on the story of Atlas. Studying Greek Myths has also given children an opportunity to develop their drama and script writing skills, as well as make Greek masks to characterise mythological figures. In science we have learnt about the properties of sound and how music is created. This has linked in well with the children’s continuing studies of the trumpet, which they are progressing well in. In maths children have been learning about different ways of measuring time and comparing and calculating time in both 12hr and 24hr clock. Children have also deepened their understanding of fractions and their relationship to decimals.


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