Sandown School


Year 4 2019 2020



Hello and welcome to the Year 4 page!
Our teaching team consists of Miss Kaschner, Mr Hoffmann and Miss Cagan. 


Term 1

Groovy Greeks

Possible enrichment

  • Literacy: Myths/Legends – Hercules (Animation week) Stories (King Midas/Atlas).Freeze frames, conscience alley. Study of Greek life (art/literature and architecture) and its influence on the Western world. Aristotle/Plato. (Geo: food & diet Art - Greek vases? Pottery? (Kirsty)
  • Science: Electricity (circuits, appliances, batteries)
  • ICT: Digital Literacy: E-safety: Posters
  • RE: Creation: What do Christians Learn from the Creation Story
  • Music: Trumpets and Mamma Mia
  • French: Do You Have a Pet?
  • PSHE: New Beginnings
  • PE: Tchoukball

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Olympic day

Term 2

You’re My Firework

Possible enrichment

  • Literacy: Firework Makers Daughter, instruction writing (how to wash an elephant), letter (Lila to dad why she left)
  • Science: States of Matter – Water cycle, gas/liquids/solids
  • ICT: Espresso Coding
  • RE: Incarnation: Trinity
  • Music: Trumpets and Glockenspiel Part
  • French: The Classroom
  • PSHE: Getting on
  • PE: Multi skills and GoNoodle! Fitness

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Trip to the Castle

Term 3

Rotten Romans

Possible enrichment

  • Literacy/Topic: Romans: foods, news report, theatre, Gods, Roman Life and its influences on the western world, architecture, non-fiction report (Roman life, diary entry (landing at Deal), Biography of Boudicca(Geo: map work, Empire across Europe, natural borders)
  • Green Zone: Roman Day
  • Art: Mosaic, Chariots
  • Science: Sound
  • ICT: Espresso Coding
  • RE: Gospel: Trinity
  • Music: Trumpets and Stop!
  • French: The Romans
  • PSHE: Going for Gold
  • PE: Gymnastics and Hockey

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Term 4

What’s the Deal

Possible enrichment

  • Literacy/Topic: Local Study, mining history of Deal, Betteshanger Mine, Newspapers, (Geo:Map Work/ Co-ordinates)
  • Science: Animals including humans – digestive system 
  • ICT: Lego We do Interfacing with Scratch
  • RE: Salvation: Why is it called Good Friday?
  • Music: Trumpets and Blackbird
  • French: Clothes and classroom
  • PSHE: Good to be me
  • PE: Tennis (skills in hall games outside)

Deal Walk

Term 5

Rhyme and Reason

Possible enrichment

  • Literacy: Features of a poem, writing our own poems, Famous Poets: (Roald Dahl, William Blake, and Shakespeare) The Nest full of stars – Poetry focus. Go to beach for inspiration.
  • Science: Living things and their Habitats
  •  ICT: Digital Literacy: Gaming and E Safety
  • RE: Hinduism: What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?
  • Music: Trumpets and Blackbird
  • French: Family
  • PSHE: Changes
  • PE: Dance and Tag Rugby

Hindu Visitor

Performance to Parents


Term 6

Around the World

Possible enrichment

  • Literacy: short stories, plots, themes, range of authors, comprehension, SPaG (sentence structure)

  • Geography: mountains and rivers countries and climates around the world, key geo features of countries around the world

  • Science: Working Scientifically: Famous Scientists and Investigations

  • ICT: Information Technology: (Excel, publisher, word, PowerPoint)

  • RE: The Journey: Why do some people think that Life is a journey and what significant experiences mark this?

  • Music: Trumpets and Reflect, Rewind and Replay

  • French: Goldilocks

  • PSHE: Growing up

  • PE: Athletics (link to Sports Day) and Rounders

Trip with year R


Term 6 PSHE