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Sandown School


Year 4 2022/2023


Hello and welcome to the Year 4 page 

Our teaching team consists of Mr Thompson, Miss Laignel,  Miss Roberts, Mr Clifton, Miss Nadin and Miss Hayes-Jackson.

 Year 4 have PE on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please can children come to school in PE kit on these days.  

We also visit Green Zone every term. Have a look at the Green Keeper Blogs to see more of what we get up to.

This year we are all learning the recorder.  Click here for the terms and conditions regarding the loan of the recorder.

Year 3 explore Green Zone

Term 2 Home LearningTerm 2 Topic Overview





Term 1

What’s the Deal?




·Maths: Place value (numbers to 10,000 - excluding work on Roman Numerals - T4), Addition (of numbers within 10,000) and Subtraction (of numbers within 10,000).  We will regularly be revisiting and practicing times tables in preparation for MTC

·Literacy: “Town is by the Sea” by Joanne Schwartz as a focus text. Using this to explore figurative language and to inspire poetry. Organising paragraphs around a theme. Reading poetry, creating poetry, performing poetry. Exploring relationship between what a character says and what they do; use of figurative and expressive language. Make inferences about characters’ feelings. Understand how structure contributes to meaning.  

·Humanities: History - Question: “What did the mining community bring to Deal?” We all also look at map skills (locally) and we will link back to prior Y1 learning about Deal’s smuggling history, comparing the two significant periods.

·Science: Electricity (circuits, appliances, batteries).  

·Computing: Being Safe Online: Twinkl Plan it: Online Safely

·RE: Judaism Beliefs and Practices: How special is the relationship Jews have with God?

·Music: Recorders and Charanga

·PE: Indoor: Multi-skills     Outdoor: Tennis

·French: Language Angels - Presenting Myself

·ART: Drawing: Children to focus on how illustrators interpret stories and convey these through drawing. Focus on Sydney Schwartz, illustrator for Town is by the Sea.

·DT/Science Project: Children to plan, design, create and evaluate a buzzer game that includes an electrical circuit.

·PSHE: Unit 1: Being me in my world

Betteshanger Park


Term 2


Suitably Sustainable





· Maths: Area and measurement, Multiplication and division. We will regularly be revisiting and practicing times tables in preparation for Multiplication Tables Check

·Literacy: The 1,000 year old boy and The Tin Forest. Using full speech punctuation. Read and analyse persuasive texts to identify key features; present a point of view; how a view can be presented using visual aids. Understanding whether the narrator has a different voice in the story; developing awareness of different story set ups. Retrieve information from non-fiction.

·Humanities: Geography - Question: “How can we live more sustainably?”

·Science: States of matter: solids, liquids and gases

· Computing: Information and Technology: Twinkl Plan it: Word Processing

·RE: Christianity and Christmas. What is the most significant part of the nativity story for Christians today?

·Music: Recorders and Charanga

·PE: Indoor: Dance (Dynamic Sports Coaching)     Outdoor: Kwik Cricket

·French: Language Angels - Family

· ART: Print-making – understanding pattern including repetition, symmetry, sequencing and to use different techniques to achieve these. 

·DT: Materials and mechanisms: Litter pickers

·PSHE: Unit 2: Celebrating difference

Beach visit

Litter pick

Term 3

Groovy Greeks




·Maths: Multiplication and division continued, Length and perimeter

We will regularly be revisiting and practicing times tables in preparation for Multiplication Tables Check  

·Literacy: Myths and Legends: King Midas and other Greek myths. Narrative work. Poetry. Using verb inflections. Understanding story structure and types of stories. Exploring dilemmas using drama.

·Humanities: History - Question: “How has Ancient Greece influenced modern society?”

·Science: Investigating Sound

·Computing: Information and Technology: Twinkl Plan It: Animation

·RE: Judaism and Passover. How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to?

·Music: Recorders and Charanga

·PE: Indoor: Gymnastics / Swimming     Outdoor: Football

·French: Language Angels – The Olympics

·ART: Painting – to understand still life painting and to explore how colour achieves different effects in art.

·DT: Food technology: evaluate and improve: Greek salads

·PSHE: Unit 3: Dreams and goals

Greek Art day


Greek Day (inc. Olympics)

Term 4

Rotten Romans



·Maths: Fractions, Decimals, Roman Numerals. We will regularly be revisiting and practicing times tables in preparation for MTC

·Literacy: Rotten Romans and A Street Through Time. Exploring connectives in persuasive writing. Empowering, motivational language to fuel speeches. Newspaper articles. Non-fiction writing. Character description. Apostrophes for plurals (children’s, boys’ toilets)

·Humanities: History - Question: “What happened when the Romans came to Britain?” We will be referring back to prior learning about the Stone Age (Y3) and the Ancient Greeks (previous term).

·Science: Animals including humans

·Computing: Computer Science: Espresso Coding 2.0 Level 4: Recap

·RE:  Christianity and Easter. Is forgiveness always possible for Christians?

·Music: Recorders and Charanga

·PE: Indoor: Gymnastics / Swimming     Outdoor: Athletics

·French: Language Angels – The Classroom

·ART: Making: Children will create a sculptural self portrait of themselves using a plinth.

·PSHE: Unit 4: Healthy me

Roman Painted House


History Project visit

Term 5

Majestic Mediterranean




·Maths: Decimals, Money, Time. We will regularly be revisiting and practicing times tables in preparation for MTC

·Literacy: Advertisements and their impact. Expanded noun phrases. Descriptive language using metaphors, similes, etc. Travel guides.

·Humanities: Geography - Question: “What makes the Mediterranean a unique and special place?”

·Science: Working scientifically, inventors, famous scientists

·Computing: Computer Science: Espresso Coding 2.0 Level 4: Introduction

·RE: Judaism Rights of Passage. What is the best way for a Jew to show commitment to God?

·Music: Recorders and Charanga

·PE: Indoor: OAA (orienteering)     Outdoor: Rounders

·French: Language Angels – Fruits and Vegetables 

·ART: Digital media and photography: Use a range of tools to create travel photography.

·DT: Textiles – Designing and improving travel pillows

·PSHE: Unit 5: Relationships

All about me poetry competition

Term 6

Sweet Temptations



·Maths: Shape, Position & Direction, Statistics, Consolidation

·Literacy: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Fronted adverbials. Character traits and description. Provoking reader responses. Plan and write complete stories. Using paragraphs correctly.

·Humanities: Geography - Question: “How has Deal changed over time?” This unit focuses on local geography and field work, but we will explore trade (‘How does chocolate make its way to Deal?’ where we will look at food miles and maps) and we will also refer back to prior historical knowledge about Deal’s trade in the past, inc. Smugglers and how this has evolved over time.

·Science: Living things and their habitats

·Computing: Computer Science: Espresso Coding 2.0 Level 4: Repetition and Loops

·RE: Buddhism – Is it possible for everyone to be happy? What is the best way for a Buddhist to lead a good life?

·Music: Recorders and Charanga

·PE: Review term

·French: Language Angels – Do you have a pet?

·ART: Sketchbooks – to record and revisit observations over time.

·PSHE: Unit 6: Changing me (including SRE)

Sandwich Bird Observatory Workshop on Habitats

Term 6- Year 4- 2 classes of 30 children each-  The importance of Bees- Tuesday 13th June