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COVID UPDATE: Please see our latest letter on the Parent Tab, and then Letters Home.
@ 13.11.20
Sandown School would like to thank all parents for their patience and understanding at drop off and pick up. The systems in place for the staggered entry and exit times have been carefully planned to ensure, to the best of our ability, that we are reducing the risk of COVID to keep the children and adults safe.
We are constantly reviewing the measures we have in place and you may have spotted the new external hand sanitiser stations at some access points.
In light of the government's recent announcement with regard to the increase in COVID cases we would like to further enhance the measures at Sandown. 
  • KS1 playground: could parents at pick up please collect scooters/bikes and take them onto the playground when collecting their child to ensure the one way system is followed.
  • KS1 playground: please stand back and allow space so that adults can easily view the appropriate adult and when leaving the one way system exit is clear.
  • At the Year 3/4 gate we are now insisting the one way system is followed at pick up; entry via the Year 3/4 gate on Northwall Road, pick up your child at the classroom door and continue to the exit via the car park onto Golf Road. We acknowledge that this is an inconvenience and  we thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • When possible can one adult only pick up or drop off for ease of social distancing.
  • Once you have your child please leave the area immediately to reduce numbers on the school site.
  • At all times please adhere to the 2 metre social distancing rule, we can only release one child at a time.
  • We politely request that adults wear face masks/shields when on school premises (government exceptions apply).

@ 24.09.20


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